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Advisory bodies to the President

The mission of the President’s advisory bodies is to support the University’s leadership and operations in issues ranging from good research practices and environment to IT and equality.

Described below are the various advisory bodies at Stockholm University.


The IT Coordination Committee is responsible to ensure that the needs of the core academic operations take precedence in the prioritisation and delivery of IT. Together with the university administration the group also ensures that resources for IT are used in the best way.

The IT Coordination Committee is led by the Senior advisor to the President for Collaboration and IT and staffed by representatives appointed from their respective areas.


The Environmental Council is responsible for developing, maintaining and documenting Stockholm University’s environmental management system.

The Environmental Council is also responsible for reporting on the performance of the systematic environmental work and suggesting improvements to the university leadership. Additionally, the Council advises the President on issues surrounding environmental work.


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The Interdisciplinary Council is a standing committee for the President. The council consists of the university leadership, deans, teacher-representatives in the University Board, and students.

The Council discusses issues of an interdisciplinary nature before a decision by the President or university leadership.


The President’s advisory body for university-wide educational issues and systems for quality assurance (Rebus) was established in 2015. Rebus’ mission is to further develop Stockholm University's quality system for education, including quality assurance activities.

For the quality system to be firmly established within the university, the members of the committee consist of the chairpersons for the university’s different Boards of Education, as well as representatives from the university administration and student representatives. The Vice President chairs the committee.


RALV’s mission is to work for equality and equal treatment in a good working environment with an inclusive mind set, in accordance with the University’s Strategies.


The Council for Good Research Practice is responsible for investigations of suspected deviations from good research practice other than those that are to be investigated specifically in accordance with the “Act on responsibility for good research practice and the examination of research misconduct” (2019:504). The Council also assists with evaluations in accordance with the “Procedure for handling suspicion of deviation from good research practice” (dnr SU FV-1.2.1-4382-19).

To some extent, the Council has also an advisory function vis-à-vis the University leadership and operations at the University in matters concerning good research practice, primarily in collaboration with the ethics support function at the Office for Research, Engagement and Innovation Services.

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Council for Good Research Practices

Beatrice Clasaeus, Office of the President 
Jonas Åkerman, Office for Research, Engagement and Innovation Services


IT Coordination Comittee

Linn Myhrman, IT Department

Environmental Council

Magnus Breitholtz, chair, Department of Environmental Science


Interdisciplinary Council

Henrik Lindell, Office of the President


Pär Brännström, Office of the President


Anna-Karin Huggare, Human Resources Office 
Parasto Rosencrantz, Student Services 


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