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Five senior advisors to the president with different areas of responsibility

Stockholm University has five senior advisors to the president with different mandates.

Anders Karlhede is responsible for research infrastructure, Johan Kuylenstierna for sustainable development, Karin Bergmark for international collaboration, Mats Danielson for national collaborations and Wilhelm Widmark is responsible for Open Science at the University.


Anders Karlhede, research infrastructure issues

As a senior advisor to the president, Professor Anders Karlhede has operational responsibility for research infrastructure issues. A large part of his work deals with national research infrastructure where the research universities are now playing an ever greater roll.

He is Stockholm University’s representative in the universities’ reference group for research infrastructure, URFI, board member of SciLifeLab and Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing, SNIC, and member of the universities’ reference group, URG, for the MAX IV laboratory. He reports directly to the President on these issues.

Anders Karlhede
Anders Karlhede. Photo: Eva Dalin


Johan Kuylenstierna, sustainable development

As a senior advisor to the president, Johan Kuylenstierna has operational responsibility for sustainable development. Outside of Stockholm University, this involves working for increased collaboration with different types of partners as well as, at the request of the President, representing Stockholm University in meetings and work processes related to sustainable development. Within the University it involves contributing to the university’s work toward sustainability and highlighting the university’s engagement and achievements in sustainable development to the community.

A specific part of this work is to develop Stockholm University’s Sustainability Forum whose ambition is to be a meeting place that engages people throughout the university and promotes dialogue and collaboration between the university and other actors.

Johan Kuylenstierna
Johan Kuylenstierna. Photo: Niklas Björling


Karin Bergmark, international collaboration

As a senior advisor to the president, Professor Karin Bergmark has operational responsibility for international collaboration. This involves stepping in for the President and others in leadership on issues that involve international collaboration and taking part in the existing frameworks. For example, this includes the SINT network for the coordination of internationalisation, especially in the work on the Global Engagement Team at the Office for Research, Engagement and Innovation Services (REIS).

The plans are further developed in the document Global engagement – a long-term plan for internationalisation at Stockholm University. According to the document, the primary goal is that the university should work towards an academic environment that is international and steeped in excellence in order to improve the foundations for international recruiting, mobility, and collaboration as well as to improve international visibility and presence. In addition to increasing the coordination of these efforts, the initiative will create a more proactive approach to internationalisation with an emphasis on strategic analysis so that the university can continue to act both long term and flexibly.

Karin Bergmark
Karin Bergmark. Photo: Eva Dalin


Mats Danielson, collaboration

As a senior advisor to the president, Professor Mats Danielson has operational responsibility for collaboration. This involves assisting the President in matters of collaboration with those outside of the university and also contributing to the university’s development through supporting internal and external collaboration. Working with external collaborations includes central agreements with larger partners (e.g. Stockholm City and Region Stockholm) and representing Stockholm University externally at the strategic level in collaboration issues.

Working with collaboration internally means understanding and monitoring the collaborative interests, needs and wishes of the university’s core operations. 

Mats Danielsson
Mats Danielsson. Photo: Eva Dalin


Wilhelm Widmark, open science

Wilhelm Widmark, Library Director at Stockholm University Library, is Senior Advisor to the President with operational responsibility for open science at the university. The assignment involves developing the work at Stockholm University for a transition to open science. The work will take place in close collaboration with the university’s researchers.

The work with open science is a key issue for Stockholm University and Wilhelm Widmark will represent the President and the Senior management team externally in these issues.

On national level, Wilhelm Widmark is a member of the Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions coordination group for open science and is vice chairman of Bibsam’s steering group. Internationally, he sits on the board of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), a collaboration between the European Commission and the EOSC association that works to be able to share research data within Europe according to the so-called FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). He is also a member of the European University Associations Open Science group.

Wilhelm Widmark
Wilhelm Widmark. Photo: Annika Hallman


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