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Inauguration of new professors and conferment of doctoral degrees

Among the common academic traditions at universities and higher education institutions in Sweden, the most important are the professorial installation and doctoral conferment, both dating from the Middle Ages.

The Inauguration and Conferment Ceremony is postponed until spring 2022
Due to the Covid-19-pandemic the Inauguration and Conferment Ceremonies for the years 2020 and 2021 will both be postponed until spring 2022. More information on the events will be published on this page.

Meet two doctors telling how they celebrated their degree

During a solemn combined installation and conferment ceremony in Stockholm City Hall, the doctors who have recently completed their doctoral studies and defended a doctoral dissertation will be conferred their doctoral degree. Honorary doctors and jubilee doctors are also conferred on this occasion. The professorial installation is the part of the ceremony where the professors who took up their positions during the previous year are welcomed into office.

The Conferment of Doctoral Degrees

The doctoral conferment is the most important and traditionalized of the academic ceremonies. It has its roots in the European Middle Ages and its universities and is a degree promotion, the ritual transition in a person's life from one stage to another and originally a proof of professionalism. The word "promote" (as used in the Swedish word Doktorspromotion) comes from the Latin promovere and means to move forward. Only those who have completed a doctoral degree can be conferred.

The doctoral conferment is linked to the individual faculties with a conferrer, appointed by the faculty, conferring the doctors.

The Inauguration of New Professors

The professorial installation is the occasion when the new professors are welcomed to the university and their different subject areas are brought to attention. The term "installation" (which is used in the Swedish Professorsinstallation) comes from the church ritual when a cathedral chapter member was brought into the choir and allowed to take his place in a choir chair, in Latin stallum.

Unlike the doctoral conferment, it is a ritual that is common to all faculties at the University with the University's President installing the newly appointed professors.



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