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Research funders

Stockholm University successfully attracts external, competitive research funding from both national and international sources.

Grants for researcher-initiated, curiosity-driven projects, which make up the majority of the external funding for basic research, are of highest priority for the University. Such funding is of crucial importance for the width, depth, and diversity of our research, and for supporting development of new ideas and fields of research.

Total research budget: 3.2 billion SEK 

Largest external research funders in 2019

Grafik över forskningsfinansiering

Top external funders:

  1. The Swedish Research Council
  2. The Wallenberg Foundations (Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation; Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation; Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation; Berit Wallenberg Foundation)​
  3. The European Commission (Horizon 2020, FP7, incl. ERC)
  4. Formas (Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development​)
  5. RJ (The Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences)
  6. Sida (The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency)
  7. Forte (Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare)
  8. SSF (Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research)
  9. Swedish National Space Agency
  10. Nordic Council of Ministers/Nordic Co-operation
  11. The Swedish Cancer Society
  12. Vinnova (Sweden's Innovation Agency)
  13. Mistra (The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research)
  14. Region Stockholm (pre-2019: Stockholm County Council)
  15. Swedish Energy Agency


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