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Stockholm University Sustainability Forum

The Sustainability Forum – Hållbarhetsforum – is a recurring event at Stockholm University where people can meet, build networks, and create collaborations for sustainable development.


Stockholm University Sustainability Forum 2021

On April 22, 2021, the Sustainability Forum was organized for the third time.

Video from Stockholm University Sustainability Forum 2021 (in Swedish)

The University’s goals for the Sustainability Forum:

  • Stimulate and strengthen networks and collaborations both within and outside the university
  • Highlight how research and education contribute to societal development and decision making, especially with Agenda 2030
  • Highlight how education in the future needs to change to keep pace with the coming challenges and possibilities.

Stockholm University wants the Sustainability Forum to create a platform where the academic, business, political and non-profit sectors can meet and network to exchange experiences and find future possibilities for collaboration.

“The future of energy and resources” (2018) and “Democracy, populism and sustainable development” (2019) were previous themes for the forum.

Researcher Mark Rhinard at Stockholm University Sustainability Forum 2021. Foto: Jens Lasthein
Photo: Jens Lasthein

Stockholm University’s third Sustainability forum on 22 April 2021 discussed what impact crises have on the long-term development of society. Taking the corona pandemic as a starting point, the programme looked at different moments of change and crisis, both now and through history, and what we can learn from them.

Higher education and research are the pillars of a sustainable society – wise decisions require knowledge in ecological, economical and societal sustainability. How are social life, business life and relationships affected? Can an acute, unexpected crisis bring about positive change in a totally different arena? What will be the effects of trust and openness? Control and unrest?

Every day at Stockholm University we conduct research in a number of areas that are connected to the Sustainable Development Goals. To achieve these goals, however, requires dialogue and cooperation among different aspects of society. With the Sustainability Forum, Stockholm University strives to create a platform where the academic, business, political and not-for-profit sectors can meet, network, share experiences, and find potential future collaborators.

Sustainable development is a central issue at Stockholm University which we address through research, education and collaboration. One initiative is our active work to achieve the goals of the UN’s Agenda 2030.

In Agenda 2030, all UN member states agreed to 17 global goals to handle societal challenges, and Stockholm University has committed to working actively to achieve them. With its foundation in strong and wide-ranging research into different aspects of social, economic and environmental sustainability, the university will further strengthen and broaden its collaborations with the business world, politics and civil society so we can achieve the sustainable development goals together. The Sustainability Forum is one part of fulfilling these goals.

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Photo: Ingmarie Andersson
Photo: Ingmarie Andersson

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