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Facts in numbers

Stockholm University has 30,500 students (full-time equivalents), 1,400 doctoral students, and 5,700 members of staff. Below you will find even more facts for the year 2021.



Revenues for first- and second cycle education: 2.2 billion SEK

Total number of registered students*: 41,496 (64% women)
Total number of full-time equivalent students**: 30,485 (64% women)
Annual performance equivalent SU: 23,567

*Students with a first or continued registration for a course that Stockholm University offered Spring semester 2021. Source: Swedish Higher Education Authority.

**does not include contracted courses, contract education or education that complements completed foreign education

Full-time students

Human Science: 26,380
Faculty of Humanities: 8,997
Faculty of Law: 2,597
Faculty of Social Sciences: 14,786

Science: 4,105

Study programmes with the largest number of first choice applicants per applicant

  • Master's programme in Psychology
  • Bachelor’s programme in Criminology
  • Study programme in Law
  • Study and career guidance programme
  • Bachelor programme in Business Administration and Information Technology
  • Bachelor's programme in Primary Education – Extended School, with a specialisation in sports and health

Degrees awarded

Degrees awarded at the Bachelor's and Master's levels: 6,775

  • General qualifications at the Bachelor's level: 2,987
  • General qualification at the Master's level: 1,284
  • Professional qualifications: 2,504

International student exchange

Incoming students: 1,136
Outgoing students: 374
Number of active exchange agreements: just over 1000 across 50 countries

Active doctoral students

Active doctoral students: 1,421 (52% women)

Degrees awarded

Doctoral degrees: 179
Licentiate degrees: 28



Total number of employees: 5,668
Full-time employees: 4,940
Professors: 515 (35% women)



Total revenue: SEK 5.8 billion
Government funding: 65%
Grants (external funding): 28%
Fees and other contributions: 7%

Distribution of revenue by area of operation:
Revenues for first- and second-cycle education: 40%
Revenues for research and third-cycle education: 60%



Costs: SEK 883 million
Area: just under 300,000 sq. m.


Annual report

The Annual report is the government's tool for following up developments at Stockholm University during the past year. The figures above are taken from the Annual report 2021.

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