Every year since 1992, Stockholm University has awarded talented teachers a prize of SEK 50,000 and a diploma that is formally handed over at the annual promotions and installation ceremony at the City Hall.

The award is to be used to enable the teacher to carry on developing his or her professional competence. If you are a student or an employee at Stockholm University you can nominate a teacher for the award!

How are the recipients of "The Award for Good Teaching" chosen?

The process of choosing the awarded teachers consists of the following steps:

  • Students and employees at Stockholm University may nominate a teacher to “The Award for Good Teaching" from November to March. All nominations are made anonymous (as to name, gender, and department) before being reviewed by a panel of experts from The Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching (CeUL) at Stockholm University. Each member of the panel decides on his or her own ranking in accordance with the criterion, and, after discussion, the panel produces a proposal for a leading group with written motivations for each candidate in this group.
  • In April, the university’s Committee for the professional development of teaching staff reviews the anonymous nominations together with the panel's motivations for their proposal for a leading group. The committee decides on a leading group of candidates.
  • The Vice-Chancellor makes the final decision in June, and the winners are notified.
  • The winners are invited to the annual promotions and installation ceremony in September, where they will receive their diploma.
  • A sum of SEK 50,000 is paid to each award winner's department and is to be used for the teacher's continued professional development.

Guidelines for the management of educational awards (PU)