From left to right: Per Förnegård, Andrea Sundstrand, Fawad Hassan, Sirkku Männikkö Barbutiu. Photo: Niklas Björling
Recipients of The Award for Good Teaching 2015. From left to right: Per Förnegård, Andrea Sundstrand, Fawad Hassan, Sirkku Männikkö Barbutiu. Photo: Niklas Björling

The Award for Good Teaching - 2015 at Stockholm University is awarded each year to one teacher from each faculty. The award is granted to teachers who satisfy the criteria that they promote students’ learning by outstanding contributions to education, recognized interest and engagement in pedagogical development, and renowned skill in teaching.

The Vice-Chancellor has now granted the awards for 2015. Each of the rewarded teachers will receive SEK 50,000 to be used as they please to support the development of their pedagogical competence. They will also receive a diploma that will be presented to them by the Vice-Chancellor during the university’s ceremonies in the City Hall on Friday 25th September. The four teachers are presented below.

Faculty of Social Sciences

Dr Sirkku Männikkö Barbutiu, Dept of Computer and Systems Science, has been granted the award since she succeeds in exciting the students’ curiosity and getting them to achieve even higher levels of understanding by inviting them to take part in a scientific dialogue in which they learn from each other. Dr Männikkö Barbutiu supports the development of the students’ understanding by providing learning opportunities in which the students are challenged to analyse and critically reflect on phenomena and concepts. Feedback to students is an essential component of her teaching. She has made significant contributions to the development of a learning environment that exploits the opportunities offered by ICT in the form of ready access to images, film and music while maintaining high academic standards. Furthermore, she readily shares her knowledge and understanding of learning and teaching with her colleagues.

Faculty of Natural Science

Dr Fawad Hassan, Dept of Physics, has been granted the award because of his persistent ambition that all his students should achieve an understanding of even the most challenging aspects of the courses he teaches. Dr Hassan supports the students to develop a deeper understanding of concepts and processes by using dialogue with the students in exceptionally well planned and structured lectures and seminars that are clearly based on the students’ prior knowledge. He focuses consistently on the points that the students find difficult and engages in the students’ development of understanding while keeping his students interested and engaged with the help of his broad and deep knowledge of the theories and scientists in his subject area.

Faculty of Humanities

Dr Per Förnegård, Dept of Romance Studies and Classics, has been granted the award because of his strong ability to create an activating learning environment in which students not only achieve the goals for learning but also develop a genuine interest in the subject area. Dr Förnegård shares his enthusiasm and interest for the subject area in such a way that his students feel that it is their learning that is in focus and that they are indeed competent learners. He consistently provides the students with feedback and is clear and organised in his teaching with the result that the students know what they need to focus their efforts on. This is highly appreciated by his students.

Faculty of Law

Dr Andrea Sundstrand, Depart of Law, has been granted the award because of her ability to create an open learning climate in which she uses a number of different methods that are all based on practical problems within her subject area. Dr Sundstrand aims consistently at connecting theoretical knowledge with practical examples and offers the students contact with a large network of professionally active lawyers. She inspires the students to increased interest in her field in a manner that is both respectful and engaging and she uses constructive feedback to support them to develop their ability to write academic and legal text. She encourages her students to work hard at their studies with both a great deal of knowledge and a large measure of humour.