When wholesaler Edvard Anderson (1865-1936) died, he bequeathed his fortune to the Bergius Foundation at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences on the condition that the Foundation establish and operate a winter garden. The conservatory was commissioned by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and designed by architect Per Rune Semrén (1928-). It was inaugurated on 7 June 1995 by His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf.

What is here today

In the large central hall of the conservatory, native and cultivated plants from the Mediterranean are planted in landscapes with rocks and terraces. The wings have plants from south-west Australia and the Cape Floristic Region of South Africa. The flora of the Californian and Mexican deserts are displayed in a sandstone landscape, and the fourth wing contains a humid, green forest of various ferns. The two innermost sections are host to Stockholm University’s collections of tropical and subtropical plants.

Fun facts

The conservatory received the “European Steel Design Award” in 1995.