Frescatihallen was originally called Aktiverum, designed by architect Ralph Erskine (1914-2005) and inaugurated in 1983.

The building is supported by a number of curved glulam beams. The gables are lined with wood panels, which, to create a richer effect, have been installed in sections pointing in different directions. The vaulted roof is covered with sheet metal in various colours, placed in geometrical patterns. The edges of the roof are crowned with a type of “sun catchers” or reflectors, which bring natural light into the building through the windows and have a shape reminiscent of raised, slightly cut-off hands.

What is here today

Sporting activities for students at Frescatihallen are run by the regional student sporting organisation, Stockholm SSIF. There is also a restaurant/café.

Fun facts

As of a few years back, there are solar panels on the roof, in addition to Erskine's symbolic sun catchers, in order to produce electricity for the sports hall.