Foto: Orasis
Foto: Orasis


Geovetenskapens hus (also known as the Geoscience Building), which comprises a total of 25,500 square metres, was designed by the architecture firm Nyréns in Stockholm with Snorre Lindquist as the main architect, based on plans and concept sketches by Anders Pyk and Dag Cavallius. It was inaugurated in 1997. The building consists of an in-situ concrete frame with supporting steel columns. There are five structures and three lamellae (containing work rooms and laboratories) with façades clad in concrete, zinc sheet metal and green-painted wood, as well as two fan-shaped volumes (with auditoriums, small lecture halls and recreation rooms) clad in green-painted, horizontal panelling with protruding ribs.

What is here today

The Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology, the Department of Geological Sciences, the Department of Applied Environmental Science (ITM), the Department of Human Geography and the Geolibrary, which is a small branch of Stockholm University Library.

Fun facts

The three architects Snorre Lindquist, Anders Pyk and Dag Cavallius received an architecture award from Betongelementföreningen in 1998 for their work on the Geoscience Building.