Foto: Eva Dalin
Photo: Eva Dalin


Gréens villa was built in the 1880 and designed by architect Adolf Wilhelm Edelsvärd (1824-1919). It was named after Rector Gréen, from the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture’s gardening school, who used to live here. Today, it is commonly called “Gröna villan” (the green villa) on the basis of its colour. Until the 1960s, there was a big garden outside the building. Now only two large Ornäs birches remain in front of the building, and a number of coniferous plants, including a hemlock, on the back. Rector Gréen was famous for introducing and spreading knowledge about how to preserve fruit and vegetables in glass jars.

What is here today

A restaurant and union premises for the Science Faculty Club.

Fun facts

What makes the two Ornäs birches in front of the building special is that they are “real” Ornäs birches, grafted using material from the famous Ornäs birch that grew next to Ornässtugan near Borlänge.  They were probably planted here about a hundred years ago. Virtually none of the birches marketed as “Ornäs birch” today are authentic, as they come from other mother trees.