Juristernas Hus was inaugurated in 1991 and designed by architect Ralph Erskine (1914-2005). The building has a slightly irregular, mostly curved shape. The floor plan is semicircular and curved around an old oak tree. The concept of preserving valuable nature (here in the form of an oak tree) is also visible at Allhuset and the Stockholm University Library. The roof is shaped like an undulating landscape with three peaks and two valleys. The wooden construction is supported by inclined wooden pillars and covered with folded, black-painted sheet metal.

What is here today

The building is owned and maintained by the Juristernas Hus Foundation, the board of which comprises representatives from the Law Students’ Association and the Department of Law and is chaired by the inspector of the Law Students’ Association. The building also contains the law students’ bookstore, Juristernas Bokhandel.

Fun facts

In 1992, the building was nominated for “Träpriset”, which is an honorary award for “good Swedish wooden architecture”.