Manne Siegbahnhusen were designed by architect Gustav Holmdahl (1879-1958) and inaugurated in 1936. The same year, Manne Siegbahn was appointed professor of experimental physics, and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences decided to found an institute with him as the director. The Manne Siegbahn Laboratory (MSL) was a research facility within the Department of Physics which conducted research and development in accelerator physics. The building previously housed a cyclotron facility.

Faculty Club (no. 22)

The building was constructed with funds from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences as a private residence for Manne Siegbahn, and was also part of the Manne Siegbahn Institute.

Humanistvillan (no. 24 A)

The building was part of the Manne Siegbahn Institute.

What is here today

No. 22 is currently used mainly by the Manne Siegbahn Faculty Club, which is open to all University staff through membership. The other facilities are home to the Department of Literature and History of Ideas and the Department of Musicology and Performance Studies.

Fun facts

Manne Siegbahn was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1924 for his discoveries and research in the field of X-ray spectroscopy.