Naturens Hus (House of Nature) was built in the 1860s as a summer residence, and was later used by the botanical garden’s treasurer.

What is here today

The building is currently used by Vetenskapens Hus (House of Science), which conducts teaching activities related to nature and the environment. The Bergius Botanic Garden is used as a source of knowledge for school classes and for continuing professional development of teachers. The aim is to spread knowledge and a feeling for nature, arouse interest in science, and create a commitment to environmental issues. The Bergius Botanic Garden provides an opportunity to learn about different plants, about form and ecology, about systematics and distribution, for both business and pleasure. Ownership of Naturens Hus is shared by Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology.

Fun facts

The tower at Naturens Hus (built in 1908) was originally a watch tower and storage space for Veit Wittrock’s (then Professor Bergianus) seed and cone collection.