The Old Orangery was built in 1926 and was designed by architect Erik Fant (1889-1954), who also designed the main building of the Bergius Foundation. The orangery originally contained tropical plants, which were later moved to the Edvard Anderson Conservatory.

What is here today

Exhibition rooms for the Bergius Botanic Garden and a restaurant/café.

Fun facts

Outside the building, there is a vegetable garden with all the common vegetables, but also older, lesser known varieties. There are also plants from other parts of the world, including Asia, which has its own section. There is also a herb garden. The plants in the different sections were chosen based on the garden’s founder, Peter Jonas Bergius, and his book “Materia medica” from 1778 (kind of an 18th-century FASS), which presented medicinal plants known at the time, as well as their properties and uses.