Södra Huset, Buildings A-F at Frescati 

Södra huset. Photo: Orasis foto/MÅ

Monday–Thurday: Open 06.30–22.00
Friday : Open 06.30–20.00
Saturday–Sunday: Open 08.00–18.00

Closed "red" days and national public holidays

The University is closed on all national public holidays, so-called "red days" or röda dagar. Variations may occur at individual buildings and departments. Contact the respective department or office.


See the webpage for departments and centres: su.se/departments

Student Services
Infocenter (Studenthuset)

Universitetsvägen 2B, Frescati.

Current changes in Infocenter's opening hours:

1 November: 08:00–12:30

For regular opening hours see below.

Opening hours:
MondayThursday: Open 08.0018.00
Friday: Open 08.0016.00

Email: info@su.se

Studenthuset (the building)

Monday–Thursday: Open 06.30–22.00
Friday: Open 06.30–20.00
Saturday–Sunday: Open 08.00–18.00

More information about Studenthuset and Infocenter

Allhuset opening hours at Student’s Nobel Night Cap 2019

  • Computer room is closed from 27th of November to 18th of December. Please during this time go to the Computer room A5, Södra huset or D405 Arrhenius laboratory (entrance: Svante Arrhenius väg 20C).
  • The staff gym is closed between the 9th and 12th of December
  • The study areas on 2nd floor  are closed from 29th of November to 11th of December. Please during this time go to Studenthuset or Södra huset.

Service Centre – Frescati södra

Building D, floor 4 (next to Stockholm University Library)
Opening hours: Monday–Friday, 08.00–16.30 
Support, contacts or requests: su.se/serviceportalen

IT Helpdesk

Closed weekends and "red" days.
Support, contacts or requests: su.se/serviceportalen


MondayFriday: Open 09.0011.00 and 13.0015.00
Email: registrator@su.se

University Library

Information available on su.se/library

Student Union

Information available on the Student Union website

Frescatihallen – Campus sports hall

Information available on 

SU-Butiken – SU shop

Information available on SU-Butiken's webpage