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An invitation to the conferment ceremony is sent to those who have applied for a formal degree certificate for the Master's degree (or equivalent on a Master's level) before a certain date. Therefore you need to actively apply for your degree certificate in time to receive an invitation for the ceremony. Applications are made at the Degree Office.

Coming ceremonies

The Conferment of Master's Degrees is held twice a year. Coming ceremonies are:

* Friday 23 November 2018 (last day of application for degree certificate is 16 July 2018)
* Friday 24 May 2019 (last day of application for degree certificate is 11 February 2019)

See details on the coming ceremony here!

About the ceremony

The Conferment of Master’s Degrees is an old academic tradition but a fairly new ceremony at Stockholm University. The first was held in 1997. The word promotion (in the Swedish Magisterpromotion) comes from the latin word promovere, which translates to move forward or promote.

During the ceremony the graduates (promovendi) step up onto one side of Aula Magna’s stage and, after having received the diploma, leave by the other side. This used to symbolize that they will now move forward in life, and have the right to teach others. Today it is a memorable occasion to celebrate your Master's degree!

The ceremony is held in the great auditorium of Aula Magna and is followed by a reception with music in the Gallery and Foyer.

The ceremony is broadcast live on, and the film can be found on the same page afterwards.

Previous ceremonies

Please read about the previous ceremony by following the link below. You may also see the film on