Conferment of Master's Degrees

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    Master's Conferment postponed until 6 November

    At present, Stockholm University is cancelling all major events and gatherings with more than 50 participants, in the light of the Government's decision to ban public gatherings and public events. The University’s Senior Management Team has therefore now decided to postpone the Master’s Conferment in May. It will instead be held on Friday 6 November. An invitation with a registration link will be sent to those concerned in October.

    We understand that this change may cause inconvenience for you who were planning to attend the ceremony in May, but we ask for your patience and understanding.

    Happy master graduate

    Conferment of Master's Degrees

    Twice a year students who have completed a degree at an advanced level will be conferred their Master's degrees in Aula Magna.

    Fanor och marskalkar vid magisterpromotion i Aula Magna

    Detailed information for participants

    Detailed information for those who would like to attend the ceremony.

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    Conferment of Master's Degrees

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