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Those doctorates who have defended their doctoral thesis during 1 July 2019- 30 June 2020 and who have also received their formal degree certificate before 30 June will receive an invitation to the ceremony in the middle of June 2020. (Those who receive it in the end of June will receive the invitation in early July.) If you receive your degree certificate after 30 June you will be invited to next year's ceremony. Please be sure to apply for your degree no later than 18 June to have the certificate issued in time.

Doctorates who have received their formal degree during the period 1 July 2019 - 30 June 2020 but who have defended their doctoral thesis earlier will not automatically receive an invitation to the ceremony. Please contact Master of Ceremonies via not later than 30 April 2020 if you would like to attend this year's ceremony.

Doctorates who have both defended their thesis and received their degree earlier must contact before 30 April 2019 if you want to attend.

The International Student Office is responsible for issuing the degree. If you have questions about your degree please contact their office on


Registration for the ceremony will open when the invitation cards have been sent in June, and registration is done by following the link printed on the invitation card.

If you have received an invitation but were not able to participate in the ceremony you may be conferred a doctoral degree next year. Please notify this in writing to no later than 30 April 2020.


Stockholm University invites new doctors with one guest, free of charge, to the ceremony as well as the following banquet with ball room dancing that will be held in the City Hall of Stockholm.

New doctors can invite three additional guests to the ceremony only, in addition to their partner, free of charge. However they must be equipped with entrance cards.


Supervisors to the recipients of a doctoral degree receive a personal invitation for the ceremony and banquet after the candidate has applied to participate in the conferment ceremony. The subsidized banquet ticket for the advisor is 900 kronor.


Our recommendation is that small children should not attend the conferment ceremony.


Formal dress is required at the conferment ceremony and the banquet. This may be either white tie and tails with a white vest or an evening gown. Orders/medallions may be worn. An alternative may be to wear the national costume. There are no dress requirements for guests who will only attend the ceremony, but smart casual is appreciated.

Evening dresses may be hired/bought from, among others:

Bröllopsbutiken, Sankt Eriksgatan 74, phone 08-30 79 30
Stockholm Brud & Fest, Hornsgatan 124, phone 08-658 57 20
Wedding Bells by Little Fairies, Skidvägen 21, 129 49 Hägersten, phone 08-646 08 00

Tail coats may be hired/bought from, among others:

Georg Sörman, St Eriksgatan 41, Stockholm, phone 08-651 33 13
Grosshandlarn, Vasagatan 11, Stockholm phone 08-21 22 11 - Odengatan 34, Stockholm, phone 08-612 50 55
Kungsateljé, S:t Göransgatan 65, Stockholm, phone 08-653 25 86
Månberg & Bagge, Upplandsgatan 25, Stockholm, phone 08-24 30 32
Östermalms Smoking & Frackuthyrning, Almlöfsgatan 3, Stockholm, phone 08-660 28 29


An obligatory rehearsal will take place in the Blue Hall at the City Hall at 4.00 P.M. the day before the conferment ceremony, i.e. Thursday 24 September 2020. This usually takes about 1 1/2 hours.


During the ceremony proceedings you will be presented with a doctoral hat if you are a lawyer or a laurel if you are a doctor at one of the other faculties. Those receiving a doctor’s degree will also receive a diploma. A doctoral ring is given to honorary doctorates.

If you have a law degree and will attend the coming ceremony you must order your hat from no later than 19 July, preliminary. To order a hat you need to be precision sized for your particular hat. Please read more about how to do this as well as about the history of the hatter profession on the web page. The hat is paid by the University.

New doctors with other degrees than the law degree may order their own hat, but this hat is not used during the ceremony and should be paid by the doctor. Instead, the organization committee orders the laurel wreaths. On the registration form you must therefore indicate your head size (or hat size), which is measured by the circumference of your head in centimetres.

The conferment ceremony is purely voluntary and has no legal significance. After being conferred you may purchase both a doctoral ring and a hat.

Doctoral hat

Franzéns Hattmakeri, Västra Skansgatan 1, 413 02 Göteborg, tel: 031-711 89 59 eller 073-701 43 09,

Doctoral ring

Atelier Borgila AB (Galleri Sebastian Schildt), Strandvägen 5B Stockholm, tel: 08-662 42 00,

Photography and live web broadcast

Professional photographers will be at hand to take pictures during the entire ceremony. More information on how to view the photos will be published here.

The ceremony will be broadcast live on and the film will also later be found at the same web page.


Please notify us as soon as possible on Payments for banquet guests will not be refunded if the cancellation is made later than one week before the ceremony.


If you have any questions concerning the conferment ceremony please contact Master of Ceremonies, Anne Heikkinen Sandberg on e-mail or by telephone +46-8 16 4716.