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The inauguration and conferment ceremony is Stockholm University’s largest ceremonial occasion and it takes place in the Stockholm City Hall the last Friday in September every year.

The conferment of doctoral degrees is the most important and most traditionalized of the academic ceremonies. It has its roots in the European Middle Ages and its universities and it emphasises the transition from one stage of the educational career to the next. The Swedish word promovera comes from the Latin word promovere and means moving forward; promote.

Honorary Doctorates, people who made outstanding efforts in one of the university's business areas, and Jubilee Doctorates, who were conferred at the University fifty years ago, will also be conferred during this ceremony.

The University's new professors are inaugurated and educational prizes and university gold medals are awarded.


  • New doctors (who defended their thesis and have received their doctoral degree during the period 1 July – 30 June)
  • Newly appointed professors (who took office during the same period)
  • Honorary doctorates
  • Jubilee doctorates
  • Recipients of the Award for good teaching
  • Recipients of the Stockholm University gold medals
  • Other distinguished guests

Academic supervisors are invited if their particular student is attending the ceremony.

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