On Friday 29 September, it was time for Stockholm University's annual conferment ceremony in the Stockholm City Hall. New professors and doctors, including seven jubilee doctors and nine honorary doctorates were awarded.

At the ceremony, the Awards for excellent teaching for the year 2017 were handed out to a teacher from each faculty: Hildred Crill, Lisa Käll, Said Mahmoudi and Daniel Ritter. Professor Jenny White of the Stockholm University Institute for Turkish Studies held the installation lecture on the topic "Patterns in Turkish Culture".

The importance of research and higher education in society

In her introductory speech, Vice-Chancellor Astrid Söderbergh Widding congratulated all recipients and thanked them for their important contributions to research, the university and society.

Vice-Chancellor Astrid Söderbergh Widding
Vice-Chancellor Astrid Söderbergh Widding

She emphasized the importance of internationalization and highlighted some of the international collaborations in which the university is involved.

She also added that we need research and higher education not only to promote future innovation, but above all to exist in its own right: so that Europe can develop in line with the vision and values ​​which once formed the basis of the European Union: for rationality and knowledge-seeking, for higher education and excellence in research, for collaboration and for the involvement of citizens. 

Honorary doctors received awards

Honorary Doctor Lilian Thuram
Honorary Doctor Lilian Thuram

Among the honorary doctors present were the French former football player now writer, Lilian Thuram, American author and journalist Susan Faludi and the Director of the Stockholm Environment Institute, Johan Kuylenstierna, who received their awards.

"I am highly honored by Stockholm University's appointment of me as honorary doctor and I will, in my continued work against racism and for education, also show my appreciation of the role the university has given me through this," Lilian Thuram said in a comment after the ceremony.

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Pictures taken by photographer Niklas Björling

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