Inauguration of New Professors and Conferment of Doctoral Degrees

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Inauguration of new professors and conferment of doctoral degrees. Photo: Ingmarie Andersson

Inauguration and conferment ceremony postponed to September 2021

Among the common academic traditions at universities and higher education institutions in Sweden, the most important are the professorial installation and doctoral conferment, both dating from the Middle Ages.

The doctoral conferment is linked to the individual faculties, each with a conferrer, appointed by the faculty, promoting the doctors. The inauguration of new professors is connected to all faculties with the President of the University installing the newly appointed professors in office. The combined inauguration and conferement ceremony is normally held in September each year.

The Inauguration and Conferment Ceremony 2020 has been postponed from September 2020 to September 2021.

Installations- och promotionsceremoni i Stadshuset. Foto: Ingmarie Andersson

The inauguration and conferment ceremony

The ritual of the conferment of doctoral degrees has its roots in European medieval time and its universities. It is a ritual that emphasises the transition from one stage of the educational career to the next.

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