To all exchange students and pending international graduates at Bachelor and Master level. Soon your period at Stockholm University is coming to an end. So therefore we would like you to join us to celebrate your time as a student at Stockholm University.

When: Thursday, 31st of May, 13:30-14:30
Venue: Galleriet, level 2, Studenthuset (just beside the Infocenter)
Map of Campus Frescati can be found here.


13:30-14:00 A Thank You address to the students by the International Office, External Relations and Communications Office and Stockholm University Student Union.

14:00-14:30: ''Fika'' time


Adriana Jimenez- International Coordinator
International Office

Ellinore Eriksson- International Student Coordinator
Monika Lionaite- International Student Coordinator
Gustav Bartoldson Stönner- International Student Coordinator
Stockholm Universty Student Union

Erica Öjermark- International alumni coordinator
External Relations

Tina Larsson- International Student Recruitment Coordinator
Student Services

To attend, you should reply to a general invitation from Stockholm University. If you have not received the e-mail invitation, please e-mail Adriana Jimenez

Strawberry cakes at Farewell Day, May 2015.
Strawberry cakes at Farewell Day, May 2015.

Last day to register is the 28th of May, 12:00 (noon).

See you there!