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Nobel Calling at campus



Win tickets to the Nobel Museum!

We have ten pairs of tickets to the Nobel Museum in Stockholm to give away! During Nobel Calling Stockholm – a series of events celebrating the Nobel Prize, 7–14 October, we are giving you the chance to win ten pairs of tickets to the Nobel Museum in Stockholm. The competition ends 14 October.

The history of the Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is the world’s most prestigious award, but how was it instituted, how does it function and how has it evolved since its founding in 1900.

Frank Wilczek on physics, the Nobel Prize, beauty and knowledge

Please note this event is SOLD OUT!! You can still see the event live online at
How do beauty and knowledge relate to the laws that govern our universe? What does a Nobel Prize mean? And what is the "strong interaction"? Welcome to a conversation with Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek, Professor of Theoretical Physics at Stockholm University and moderator Johanna Koljonen.


Nobel Walk at Stockholm University

Guided tour of Stockholm University focusing on the University's Nobel Laureates, with tour guide Anders Bárány, Professor Emeritus in Physics, former secretary of the Nobel Committee for Physics and Deputy Museum Chief at the Nobel Museum.


Marie Curie – Bildningspodden live at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

Marie Curie is one of the great icons in the history of science and one of the most talked about people of her time. But what is really true about this mythologized figure? What were her discoveries about? And what is Marie Curie's most important legacy for our time? The conversation will be broadcast online, with a live audience from Kulturhuset Stadsteatern "Under the Fountain". Lecture in Swedish/föreläsningen ges på svenska.


Arrhenius and the Scientific Life: Masculinity, Power and Margins

Staffan Bergwik, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor in history of science and ideas at Stockholm University, lectures on Nobel Laureate Svante Arrhenius and the gender structures that formed the scientific climate that prevailed during the first half of the 20th century. Lecture in Swedish/föreläsningen ges på svenska.


Live streaming of Nobel Prize announcements in Studenthuset

The announcements of the Nobel Prizes 2019 will be broadcast live on the screen in the Galleriet space in Studenthuset and in the Frescati Library 7-14 October. 

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