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Nobel Calling Stockholm 2019
Staff from the Nobel Prize Museum were on hand to give out Nobel medals – of the chocolate variety.

Nobel Calling Stockholm: A week of science, beauty – and a highly educated guess

During Nobel Week, the world's gaze turns to Stockholm. The University celebrated with lectures, live broadcasts, a competition – and a highly educated guess by Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek.

Nobel Calling på campus

Nobel Calling Stockholm

Is a celebration of the 2019 Nobel Prizes, and a chance to find our more about some of the achievements that have contributed the most to humanity.

Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek and host Johanna Koljonen

Quantum mechanics is a beautiful thing and it is mind expanding

“There was a call”, Frank Wilczek told the crowded hall in his conversation on physics, the Nobel Prize, beauty and knowledge in Kulturhuset, Stockholm.

Nobel Laureates at Stockholm University

Nobelmedaljen. Nobelmedaljen är ett av Nobelstiftelsens registrerade varumärken

Four researchers from Stockholm University have received the Nobel Prize and a fifth has been awarded the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.

Stockholm University researchers in the Nobel Committees

The secretaries of both the Committees of Chemistry and Economic Sciences are professors at Stockholm University. Other researchers at the University also participate in these committees as members.

Nobel Calling Stockholm

Nobel Calling Stockholm at the Nobel Prize Museum

In early October, the recipients of this year’s Nobel Prizes will be announced. To celebrate their achievements, the Nobel Center, together with Stockholm University and others, present a series of events connected to the Nobel Prize.