- Normally you hear about things that are not so good as well, but that is not the case this time.
Khatantuul had come to Stockholm University as an Erasmus student via studies in Poland to continue her International Relations and Area studies here. She hoped to gain more useful information during the welcoming event, in addition to the information already gathered from the website and the staff at Stockholm University’s International Office.

Swedish courses on demand

34-year-old Don Cotiga from Romania was eager to sign up for a Swedish course and wanted to talk to the staff from the Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism at the open fair outside the auditorium. He was going to study Political Science and was impressed by the way the Swedish society and education system work.
- My first contact with the staff at Stockholm University has been very good.
As usual Orientation Day was an information-packed event where newly arrived international students received information about practical matters such as banking, healthcare, computer accounts, student life activities and much more.

Land of former Vikings

The evening was hosted by Ronald T. Nordqvist who engaged the audience in a musical quiz consisting of famous Swedish songs from a wide range of musical genres. The happy winner was awarded a Stockholm University profile bag.
Apart from study information the students were given some useful hints of what to expect and what not to expect in the land of the former Vikings. It was revealed that the traditional half-meter-long Viking beards are not so common these days, at least not outside Stockholm’s famous hipster area Södermalm.
Swedes do, however, go swimming outdoors in the winter. A preparatory sauna was strongly advised, were the Orientation Day visitors to have a go at this somewhat eccentric Nordic custom.

Adventure of studying abroad

Akima Ringsdorf, 22, from Germany was looking forward to the adventure of studying abroad. She had arrived in Stockholm only the day before and was very excited about the city as well as the university where she was to study Meteorology.
- I hope to get to know new people, to read interesting courses and improve both my English and my Swedish, she said. Tonight I’d like to get some more information about the university card, personal numbers, Mondo* and all that.

Coffee and cinnamon buns

Eliza Cedervall from the Student Health Service stressed the importance of building a social life in the new country as well as keeping in touch with friends and family at home. She encouraged the audience to start getting to know each other straight away and explained the Swedish concept of "fika" - having a coffee and a chat and possibly a cinnamon bun or two.

More than 400 international students attended Orientation Day on January 18 and the event in Aula Magna was rounded off with a pub crawl on campus.
Here you can see more pictures from the welcoming event.

*Mondo is Stockholm University's communication platform.

Text: Karin Persson
Photo: Magnus Laupa