SU Pride is arranged in collaboration with the Stockholm University Student Union and the Student Association Raninbows.

Important message

"All students have the right to feel safe and welcomed at Stockholm University. The Student Union works actively to prevent the University from discriminating against sexual orientation. But we at SUS also think it is important to make LGBTQ issues visible, both on campus and in academia. It is therefore with great pride that I and SUS have participated in Pride”, says Martina Cederlid, who is the Vice President of SUS.

First Pre-Pride

In May Pre-Pride was arranged for the first time at Campus Frescati, an event that will be recurrent from now on. The goal of Pre-Pride is to highlight student life as an LGBTQ person and the work with norm criticism, but also research at Stockholm University with an LGBTQ perspective.

Academic Pride

"Academic Pride" is a collaboration around Stockholm Pride between several of Stockholm's HEI:s and associated student unions, including Stockholm University, Karolinska Institutet, the School of Business, the Royal Institute of Technology, Sophiahemmet University College and Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College.


For questions about the Stockholm University participation in Pride, please contact Parasto Rosencrantz, Coordinator for Equal Treatment of Students at Student Services.