Pre-Pride kårens och RFSU:s tält
Photo: Anette Gärdeklint Sylla/Stockholm University

—We want to put focus on equal treatment issues by sharing our LGBTQ related research and collect student experiences connected to LGBTQ to be able to work towards a even more equal university, says Parasto Rosencrantz, koordinator for the Equal Terms project at Stockholm University and the SU Pride events 2019.

Among other things Pre-Pride was offering two panel discussions focusing on LGBTQ issues. The panel discussions were created in collaboration between the Stockholm University Student Union, the Student Association Raninbows and Stockholm University.

—We want to share the latest research and give students and co-workers an opportunity to express their commitment to equal-opportunity issues. I hope that we will be many who take the opportunity to participate,” says Jerker Dahne, Head of Student Services.

Pre-Pride activities on May 21:

Logo kårföreningen Rainbows

Students association for LGBTQ students

Panel talk about the study environment (in Swedish)

Time: 10.00-11.00, May 21
Venue: The gallery in the Student House.

The first one revolves around the study environment from a norm-critical perspective and discusses areas that affect the LGBTQ students' psychosocial study environment, including student life as a LGBTQ student, and the work on norm-critical and inclusive pedagogy. The panel consists of students at Stockholm University and the union association Rainbows.

Panel talk about the family and discrimination (in English)

Time: 12.00-13.00, May 21
Venue: Sal 4, B-huset plan 3, Södra huset, Frescati
The second panel discussion deals with the family and discrimination from a LGBTQ perspective. Researchers from various institutions talk about their research projects on the subject and go through the legislation in the area. The conversation is held over lunch and the first 20 participants are invited to a lunch sandwich.
Find detailed information about the panel talk.

Pre-Pride hang out with the Student Union

Time: 9 AM-11 PM, May 21
Venues: Studenthuset, Södra huset, The Metro Station, Juristernas hus, Bojan et.
For those who want more, Stockholm University's student union organizes several other activities during the day for the students. Among other things: film viewing, photo competition, Pride-craft, pub evening with Karaoke and Pride-Quiz et. Find information in detail (in Swedish).

In the parade with "Academic Pride"

On Saturday, August 3, Stockholm University and the Student Union participate in the parade itself under the slogan "Academic Pride". All students and employees are welcome to participate. "Academic Pride" is a collaboration around Stockholm Pride between several of Stockholm's HEI:s and associated student unions, including Stockholm University, Karolinska Institutet, the School of Business, the Royal Institute of Technology, Sophiahemmet and Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University.


For questions regarding Stockholm University's participation in Pride, please contact coordinator Parasto Rosencrantz, Gender Equality Coordinator at Student Services.