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Cancelled - Pre-Pride 2020 at Stockholm University

Studentsamtal under Pre-Pride 2019. Tre studenter vid ståbord i Studenthuset. Foto: Niklas Björling

Time: May 19:th
Location: Stockholm University, Studenthuset and Campus Frescati

Unfortunately, this year’s Pre-Pride is cancelled due to the corona-19 situation. Pre-Pride recognizes student life as an LGBTQ person and the work of norm criticism, but also the LGBTQ-related research that exists at the University.

Invigningen av Prideparaden 2018. Flaggor, scen, folkhav Foto: Per Larsson

Great interest in SU Pride 2019

As usual Stockholm University joined the Pride Parade under Academic Pride. The number of participants from Stockholm University was noticeably larger than previous years, with greatest interest among students. "Fantastic since the event ultimately celebrates our basic democratic principles," says Parasto Rosencrantz , Coordinator for Equal Treatment of Students at Student Services.

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