*Students with a first or continued registration for a course that Stockholm University offered Spring semester 2019. Source: Swedish Higher Education Authority.


Total number of full-time equivalent students: 27,057 (64% women)
Annual performance equivalent SU: 20,719

Distribution of full-time equivalent student

Human Science: 23,863

Faculty of Humanities: 7,744
Faculty of Law: 2,536
Faculty of Social Sciences: 13,583

Science: 3,193

(not including commissioned education and contract teaching)

Programmes with the most applicants

Swedish Law Programme
Psychologist Programme
Social Work Programme

Degrees awarded at the Bachelor's and Master's levels: 5,953
General qualifications at the Bachelor's level: 2,550
General qualification at the Master's level: 1,122
Professional qualifications: 2,281

International student exchange:
Incoming students: 1,543
Outgoing students: 662
Number of active exchange agreements: about 1000 across 50 countries

Active doctoral students: 1,406 (51% women)

Degrees awarded:
Doctoral degrees: 202
Licentiate degrees: 29


Peer-reviewed publications: 3,328

Largest providers of external funding:

1. Swedish Research Council (VR)
2. The Wallenberg Foundations (KAW, MMW, MAW)
The EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020
4. Formas
5. Riksbankens Jubileumsfond
6. Sida

Profile Areas

The human science academic area

Cultural Heritage and Historical Processes
Internationalisation and Migration
Language and Learning
Norms, Laws & Ethics
Power, Democracy and Welfare
Society, Organisations and Individuals
Visual Representations and Interfaces
Worlds and Conditions of Children and Youth

The science academic area

Astrophysics, Cosmology and Particle Physics
Atomic, Molecular and Complex Quantum System Physics
Biological Membranes
Catalysis in Organic Chemistry
Climate, Seas and Environment
Materials Chemistry
Mathematical Theory Development and Modelling
Gene-Environment Interactions


Mean number of employees: 5,666

Number of employees (FTE): 4,908

Professors: 481 (33 % women)


Total revenue: SEK 5.3 billion

Government funding: 63%
Grants (external funding): 28%
Fees and other contributions: 8%

Distribution of revenue by area of operation:

Education at the Bachelor's and Master's levels: 39%
Research and education at the doctoral level: 61%


Costs: SEK 753 million

Area: 291,787 sq. m.