*Students with a first or continued registration for a course that Stockholm University offered Spring semester 2018. Source: Swedish Higher Education Authority.


Total number of full-time equivalent students: 26,273 (63% women)
Annual performance equivalent SU: 20,641

Distribution of full-time equivalent student

Human Science: 23,164

Faculty of Humanities: 7,639
Faculty of Law: 2,563
Faculty of Social Sciences: 12,961

Science: 3,109

(not including commissioned education and contract teaching)

Programmes with the most applicants

Swedish Law Programme
Social Work Programme
Psychologist Programme

Degrees awarded at the Bachelor's and Master's levels: 6,759
General qualifications at the Bachelor's level: 2,819
General qualification at the Master's level: 1,363
Professional qualifications: 2,577

International student exchange:
Incoming students: 1,547
Outgoing students: 671
Number of active exchange agreements: about 1000 across 50 countries

Active doctoral students: 1,535 (55% women)

Degrees awarded:
Doctoral degrees: 278
Licentiate degrees: 39


Peer-reviewed publications: 3,290

Largest providers of external funding:

1. Swedish Research Council (VR)
2. The Wallenberg Foundations (KAW, MMW, MAW)
The EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020
4. Forte
5. Formas
6. Riksbankens Jubileumsfond

Profile Areas

  • Astrophysics, Cosmology and Particle Physics
  • Atomic, Molecular and Complex Quantum System Physics
  • Biological Membranes
  • Catalysis in Organic Chemistry
  • Climate, Seas and Environment
  • Cultural Heritage and Historical Processes
  • Gene-Environment Interactions
  • Internationalisation and Migration
  • Language and Learning
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Mathematical Theory Development and Modelling
  • Norms, Laws & Ethics
  • Power, Democracy and Welfare
  • Society, Organisations and Individuals
  • Visual Representations and Interfaces
  • Worlds and Conditions of Children and Youth


Mean number of employees: 5,590

Number of employees (FTE): 4,814

Professors: 466 (32 % women)


Total revenue: SEK 5.1 billion

Government funding: 64%
Grants (external funding): 27%
Fees and other contributions: 8%

Distribution of revenue by area of operation:

Education at the Bachelor's and Master's levels: 39%
Research and education at the doctoral level: 61%


Costs: SEK 757 million

Area: 295,709 sq. m.