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  • Who will dare to publish if the corporations sue? 2018-12-14 What should researchers do who have controversial material and are threatened with lawsuits if they publish their results in a scientific journal? When researchers Victor Galaz and Beatrice Crona at the Stockholm Resilience Centre were about to publish their study on the hidden environmental impact of tax havens, they were informed about the risk of being sued for defamation.
  • Construction started on new arena for art and science 2018-12-14 At the end of September 2018, ground was broken for Accelerator. An arena for art, science and social issues that will serve as a meeting place for academia and the general public is now being built near the metro station.
  • Stress Research Institute to be integrated into the Department of Psychology 2018-12-14 The University Board has decided that the Stress Research Institute (SFI) will become a part of the Department of Psychology from 1 January 2020.
  • Lucia celebration at Juridicum 2018-12-14 Every 13 December the choir of The Law Students' Association honors the staff at Juridicum with a traditional Swedish Lucia celebration. The staff wishes the choir a Merry Christmas!
  • The new strategies: Where we are and where we want to be 2018-12-14 What is most important to the University for the next four years? What characterises and defines us – in relation to other universities and to the outside world? Stockholm University’s strategies for 2019-2022 are a declaration of intent from the management team and a general description of the University’s direction.
  • Foreign Affairs reviews book on World Economic Forum 2018-12-13 In its January/February 2019 issue, Foreign Affairs reviews “Discreet Power. How the World Economic Forum Shapes Market Agendas” by Stockholm University researchers Christina Garsten and Adrienne Sörbom.
  • Polar Bear, Photo: Mostphotos New halogenated contaminants found in polar bears 2018-12-13 A team of scientists has used a new method to measure chemical contaminants in polar bears. Doing this they found a large variety of new chlorinated and fluorinated substances.
  • Denny Vågerö, Department of Public Health Sciences. Photo: E Dalin Paternal grandfather's high access to food may indicate higher mortality risk in grandsons 2018-12-14 A paternal grandfather's access to food during his childhood is associated with mortality risk, especially cancer mortality, in his grandson, shows a large three-generational study from Stockholm University. The reason might be epigenetic - that environmental exposures in one generation may influence health outcomes in following generations.


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