Instead tests will take place in cells. The results are then combined with large amounts of collected existing data to design computational models, which are then tested. The ultimate goal is to deliver reliable, animal-free risk and safety assessments of chemicals.

In total there are 39 participating universities, companies, authorities and organisations from Europe and the United States that will share the money, granted by the European Commission's Research Framework Programme, Horizon 2020.

Swetox, a consortium of toxicological sciences consisting of eleven Swedish universities, is the Swedish partner in the project and will receive the equivalent of 13 million SEK of the funds granted.

Research in the EU-ToxRisk will take place at Stockholm University, Linköping University and at the Swetox hub, Karolinska Institutet's unit for toxicological sciences, in Södertälje.

“It's fantastic that Swetox’s second Horizon-2020 application also succeeded in full”, says Åke Bergman, director of Swetox and Professor of Environmental Chemistry at Stockholm University.
“The project area is essential for Swetox Södertälje as well as for Associate Professor Anna Forsby, researcher at both Swetox Södertälje and Stockholm University and one of the participants in the research project”.

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