The course “Planetary Boundaries and Human Opportunities” will be offered again this autumn, and almost 2,700 people from 83 countries have signed up. Compared to the first time the course was given, SRC’s course platform Edcast has been updated and improved with direct links to Facebook and Twitter, etc. Out of the close to 40 English video recordings that are included in the course, all now have subtitles in Spanish, many in Italian, and a few have subtitles in seven other languages. In addition, a new video has been developed and the literature list has been updated.

The students’ dedication has been great this semester as well, says course coordinator Lisa Deutsch, researcher and director of studies at SRC, and judging by the comments on the forum, the students are happy. Some students created a Facebook group that quickly gained more than 400 members.

The course ends on 16 November, and registration is open until then.