Based on current conditions and responsible authorities’ recommendations, Stockholm University has adopted the following guidelines.

Last updated on 3 July 2020. Updated information marked with "New!"

About the university's activities

  • New! Online and campus-based teaching: In line with the Public Health Agency of Sweden's current recommendations, from the beginning of the autumn semester, 31 August, Stockholm University will return to campus-based teaching as far as possible, on condition that recommendations do not change. The first part of the autumn semester will be a combination of online and campus-based teaching. Planning will be carried out by each department and the plan for each course will be available on the department website no later than 15 July.
    For the summer courses, exceptions from the requirement on online teaching can be allowed through a special decision by the appropriate dean.
  • New! Premises: As of 18 March, the University’s premises on campus are open only to employees and all study areas are closed. The University's premises will open step by step during the autumn semester. Books ordered from the Stockholm University Library can be collected for a limited time each day. On August 24, the library opens with limited opening hours, please see
  • Work from home: The general advice to employers from the Public Health Agency of Sweden is that they should ensure that personnel and visitors maintain physical distance and that employees avoid unnecessary travel. The University follows the Agency’s recommendations, which means that any employees who can work from home should do so, after consulting with their supervisor.
  • Minimize the spread of infection: Everyone must take responsibility and help to minimize the spread of infection. The Public Health Authority urges everyone with symptoms of a respiratory infection, even a mild one, to avoid social contact, as they pose a risk of spreading infection. Everyone with symptoms of illness should stay at home. Staff should report sick using normal routines. The so-called qualifying period has now been removed to make it easier to stay at home during illness. Working at home can be an alternative if you have mild symptoms. Contact your course relevant head of department/office to discuss how this can be accomplished. 


  • Business travel: Business travels within Sweden can be granted when done in accordance with official advice and recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Agency. Staff that are planning international business trips are advised to follow the guidelines of the Swedish Minsitry of Foreign Affairs, the Swedish Public Health Agency, the universities concerned as well as the relevant airline information. Non-necessary trips to countries where the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs are advising against travel are to be avoided.
  • Bookings: All business trips must be booked with rebookable or refundable tickets. Trips should be booked through the University's procured travel agency Egencia. 
  • Advice against travels abroad: The University advises all staff and students not to travel to countries where the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ advices against non-necessary trips. See for updated information in English regarding travels.
  • Regarding visits: Staff that are expecting visits from partners or guests from abroad are advised to follow the guidelines of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Swedish Public Health Agency, the universities concerned as well as the relevant airline information.

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Students and staff are encouraged to stay updated via the websites of relevant authorities. These pages update information on developments and recommendations on an ongoing basis. Current information is also available on WHO’s website, see links below: