We are listed as a ’Level 1’ Publisher, which means that we are academic publishers who registers our publications with ISBN or ISSN numbers, with a documented policy for an ’external’ peer-review process (i.e. that the authors and  the reviewers are not originating from the same department or institute), and that we have a national or international authorship (at least 2/3 of the authors should not be from the same department or institute).

We are delighted to have achieved this indexing after a little over one year on the market. For some researchers, especially in Sweden and Norway, it is essential that their publications are distributed by an approved publication channel in order for their efforts to be taken into account when they apply for funding and for assessments at their institutions.

Our next aim is to be selected by the evaluation committee to become a Level 2 Publisher

This means that we would be considered a publishing outlet of the highest quality, which would give the researchers even more points in the assessment systems. The individual journals we publish will be eligible for indexing after they have published their first two volumes, and our book series will be sent for evaluation after they have published at least two titles.

We also aim to be registered as a trusted publisher by the Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator, where we are currently under review. Other indexes are also considered, and we welcome suggestions to add to the list from our readers and reviewers.

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