As a part of the state visit from Iceland to Sweden the president of Iceland gave a much-appreciated guest lecture in the DeGeer Hall on Thursday, January 18th. In the presence of His Majesty the King of Sweden and around a hundred students, the former professor of history (who pointed out that he is only on temporary leave from the University of Iceland and may therefore still refer to himself as an academic) discussed the balance between encouraging an interest in history among the general public, often expressed through the popularity of TV series, movies or books that may not be entirely factually correct, and the duty of a scholar to protest when history is deliberately distorted for political purposes.

- Ideas about the past have always been used to achieve current goals, whether it be for political reasons or entertainment, the President said.

President J√≥hannesson used examples ranging from the TV series Vikings, to international football matches and traditional Icelandic poetry to underline his reasoning.