350 participants from business, industry, academia and government authorities visit the Mobile Life Centre in Kista today, where an open house is being held. The Mobile Life Centre combines research on new mobile technologies and user-friendliness with new ways to communicate these services to consumers. The exhibition, in which eleven different mobile services are demonstrated by researchers and partners, premieres a host of unique new ways of using mobile technology. During the day well-known expert Professor William Gaver, of the University of London, speaks about his research on the use of interactive technology in everyday life.

Mobile Life is led by Professor Kristina Höök, and Associate Professors Lars Erik Holmquist, Oskar Juhlin and Annika Waern.

"Mobile Life Centre is at the forefront of the development of mobile services for games, play, social interaction, feelings and everything that makes life exciting. In this area there is great potential for growth and jobs. We combine a long tradition and knowledge of user-oriented methodology with strong technical skills, not least as regards the development of new ways to interact with technology. A long-term cooperation between industry and research enables us to create a broad range of mobile services and applications for the future that people want and like. These are the kinds of activities that we have conducted at Mobile Life VINN Excellence Centre in Kista since its inception two years ago," says Kristina Höök, Professor of Human Machine Interaction at Stockholm University.
Kristina Höök was recently named one of the Sweden's most influential women in the IT sector by the magazine Computer Sweden. "Gaming-queen", Annika Waern, is on the same list. She has a central position in the development of future mobile services and has been the spider in the web of the EU's major research project on mobile games. "We explore services which allow for games to be moved out from the mobile phones out into the real world," says Annika Waern.
The Centre is to receive a total of around SEK 210 million over ten years research activities, through the commitment of the participating academic and industrial players. Industry, together with Stockholm University and VINNOVA finance each one third of the organisation.
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Kristina Höök, Professor, Mobile Life Centre, Mobile: +46 (0)70-5617035 e-mail: kia@dsv.su.se
Oskar Juhlin, associate professor, Mobile Life Centre, Mobile: +46 (0)70-379 39 64, e-mail: oskarj@tii.se 
Lars Erik Holmquist, professor, Mobile Life Centre, Mobile: +46 (0)703-55 85 00, e-mail: leh@sics.se
Annika Waern, senior lecturer, Mobile Life Centre, Tel 08-6331618, Mobile: +46 (0)70-3363916, e-mail: annika@sics.se
See also www.mobile-life.org
For images of researchers or demonstrations contact: press@su.se or tel: +46 (0)8-16 40 90.
About VINN Excellence Centre:
VINN Excellence Centre is a collaborative venture between industry, the public sector and universities, research institutes and other research based organisations. The Centre focuses on both basic and applied research, and works towards ensuring that new knowledge and new technologies lead to new products, processes and services. VINNOVA's ambition is to achieve 25 VINN Excellence Centres, to be funded over a ten-year period.
About Mobile Life VINN Excellence Centre

Mobile Life Centre was established at Stockholm University in April 2007 and has funding from VINNOVA and its industrial partners until March 2017. Research focuses on consumer-oriented mobile and "ubiquitous" services, ranging from entertainment and social communication to work and community services. At the Mobile Life Centre there are around twenty-five researchers from DSV, SICS and Interactiva Institutet. Partners in the Centre are Microsoft Research Ltd, Ericsson Research AB, Sony Ericsson, TeliaSonera, and community agencies such as the City of Stockholm, Kista Science City AB and STING. The Centre has a user-centered perspective on services for the future of mobile life.
For more information on William Gaver, see: www.gold.ac.uk/design/staff/gaver