The ARWU list, founded in 2003, is published annually by the Institute of Higher Education at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China. The top positions are dominated – as in previous years – by US universities: Harvard holds the top position, followed by Stanford, MIT and the University of California, Berkeley. The only non-US institution in the top five is Cambridge University, UK, in fifth position.

Stockholm University is ranked at 82, a drop of one position from 2012, in the overall list. During the past four years, the University's position for the overall world ranking has remained fairly stable, at around 80. Stockholm University is still in third place nationally, after Karolinska Institute (world rank 44) and Uppsala University (world rank 73).

In addition to the overall world ranking list, listings within specific fields and subjects are also published (excluding the humanities). All indicators are elite-oriented with a focus on research rather than education, with the number of Nobel Prize winners, citations and publications in Nature and Science weighing heavily. Large universities are favoured over small and medicine and science have a much greater impact than technology and social sciences.

Ranked 49 in chemistry

In the field of natural sciences, Stockholm University is ranked best among the Swedish universities, with a placement in the range of 76 to 100 (no other Swedish universities are among the top one hundred). The ranking also relates to individual subjects. In the field of chemistry Stockholm University is particularly strong, with a world ranking of 49.

2013 AWRU list:

Stockholm University in rankings