The department’s management and staff have in different degrees been exposed in social media, and employees as well as their families have suffered threats and harassment. Stockholm University regards this development as a work environment problem to be taken very seriously. Within Stockholm University there is zero tolerance towards threats, harassment and all kinds of discrimination.

The term affiliation – a clarification

Misstatements have been circulated in some media claiming that Stockholm University has terminated an employment. We want to clarify that the terminated collaboration in question was a research affiliation. An affiliation is not an employment, the affiliated researcher does not receive any salary nor is he or she subject to rules applicable to employees. The purpose of an affiliation is a cooperation for the benefit of both researcher and university. If there are no mutual benefits, the university can end the affiliation, which is not the same as terminating an employment. The fact that the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences chose to terminate the affiliation that gave rise to this social media attention is thus a decision that follows the regulations of Stockholm University.