“Accelerator should be a dynamic meeting place at the intersection between art and science for students, researchers and anyone else who is interested,” says Astrid Söderbergh Widding, President of Stockholm University.

“The premises that are now being totally renovated will be a valuable addition to the University’s meeting and teaching rooms. The location is well suited to attract students, employees and the general public to seminars, exhibitions and a café, where art exhibitions constitute the basis of the activities,” says Eino Örnfeldt, Stockholm University’s Director of Administration.

The renovation and extension is transforming the former laboratory environment from the 1930s into a meeting place with the ambition to spark new research questions, inspire new ways of learning and contribute to new perspectives on social issues.

“Accelerator will hold exhibitions with contemporary artists from all over the world who are dealing with current social issues. Here, researchers will come in direct contact with the art and the artists – the public will be able to hear the thoughts that emerge in these exciting meetings,” says Richard Julin, Artistic Director of Accelerator.

The public areas with exhibition halls and a café will be ready by autumn 2019.