The Network for the History of International Relations (IRH) was established in 2018 by researchers from the Stockholm University Department of Economic History and International Relations and the Department of History. The goal was to create a Swedish platform for historical research on power relationships in the international system. This has included the history of international relations, the new history of diplomacy, and also related research areas such as global history.

On 1 March 2020 upon the President’s directive, the informal network was reconstituted as a centre at Stockholm University. The Centre is named after Hans Blix, former Swedish Secretary of State and high-level diplomat.

The Hans Blix Centre for the History of International Relations is meant to initiate new and stimulating ongoing historical research on Sweden’s foreign policy and the country’s roll in the world, as well as examining bilateral and multilateral agreements, international law, international organisations and the international system in all its complexity.

An inauguration is planned for the fall.

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