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  • Mikael Rostila, Photo: N Björling/Stockholm University Is Sweden taking a huge risk? 2020-04-02 The Swedish less strict approach to the COVID-19 pandemic creates strong reactions around the world. Mikael Rostila, Head of the Department of Public Health Sciences, assesses the situation and refers to some interpretations on why the Swedish approach may be efficient – at least in Sweden.
  • Astrid Söderbergh Widding Foto: Eva Dalin Astrid Söderbergh Widding new CIVIS President 2020-04-02 Astrid Söderbergh Widding, President of Stockholm University, has been appointed new President of the CIVIS European University alliance.
  • Petra Petersen disputerar via Zoom Foto: Niklas Hill Stockholm University is switching to online thesis defences 2020-03-30 When Sweden's universities are switching to digital teaching, dissertations are also managed via link. One of the first out at Stockholm University was Petra Petersen.
  • Publishers urged to make content open access 2020-03-27 The Bibsam Consortium where Stockholm University's President Astrid Söderbergh Widding acts as Chair urges academic publishers to make content open access on account of the corona virus.
  • Many migrants remain in the same type of neighbourhood as they first settled in 2020-03-27 The kind of neighbourhood or region that refugees and migrants first settle in is often where they remain – even when they settled in relatively poor neighbourhoods. This is a result from a new dissertation in Human Geography, which contradicts a common theory about migrants’ residential mobility.
  • Fredrik Liljeros Foto: Paul Fuehrer Knowledge about networks important for battling epidemics 2020-03-30 In order to understand how serious illnesses spread and how we can fight them, we need to understand people’s network of contacts and how those contacts affect transmission dynamics.
  • “All the contacts I have comes from Annette” 2020-03-26 Mentor Annette Dock and mentee Akshay Gokulendran Nair were matched together in the mentorship program. She has not only introduced him to Stockholm, but also to her family.
  •  Transparency sheets collected for production of visors. University bands together to help out health care 2020-03-26 Stockholm University was early in meeting the demands of the healthcare sector during the corona outbreak. Demand for protective materials is still high and departments are inventorying their supplies. SU-butiken has, for example, sent boxes of overhead transparencies to Stockholm-area hospitals.
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