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  • Luxury behind norms during the Stone Age 2018-07-17 Already in Stone Age hunter-gatherer society the pursuit of luxury objects was great. Everything was not only about survival and adaptation to the environment and to a changing climate. This is evident in new research from an international research group with, among others, Stockholm University.
  • En neutrino som interagerar med en molekyl av is. Bild: Nicolle R. Fuller/NSF/IceCube. Neutrinos in the ice indicate source of cosmic rays 2018-07-12 An international research team have identified a likely source for the high energy cosmic rays reaching Earth. The discovery was made with the aid of the IceCube Neutrino Telescope at the South Pole.
  • Artist’s impression of jets of material from first confirmed neutron star merger. Image: Mark Garlick/University of Warwick Beam of light from first confirmed neutron star merger emerge from behind the sun 2018-07-03 An international research team led by astronomers at the University of Warwick and including Stockholm astronomy professor Stephan Rosswog had to wait over 100 days for the sight of the first of confirmed neutron star merger to re-emerge from behind the glare of the sun.
  • Why are the oak leaves turning brown? 2018-07-04 Don't blame the dry spring. Ayco Tack and his research group know more about the moth attacking the oak leaves. Watch the video here.
  • 3D Image of Birka Dragonhead © Sven Kalmring, Lena Holmquist & Mikael Lundin Dragonhead found in Birka's Black Earth Harbour can be linked to Viking Age ship figureheads 2018-07-02 The ’Birka dragon’ is synonymous with the famous Viking Age town of that name, an association born from 1887 discovery of a casting mould depicting a dragonhead.
  • Sweden tops World's Most Reputable Countries 2018 2018-07-02 Sweden tops World's Most Reputable Countries 2018, an annual study of nations’ reputations published since 2008 by the Reputation Institute.
  • Healthy food for a sustainable planet 2018-07-02 The plate of the future has more vegetables and nuts than today, as well as less meat. At least if we are to believe Line Gordon. She wants us all to eat more healthily and sustainably, but without lectures and unilateral solutions.
  • Full speed ahead for the Institute of Latin American Studies 2018-07-02 Interest in the multifaceted and dynamic Latin American continent is increasing in both Europe and the USA, but most of all in China. “We have the wind in our sails,” says Andres Rivarola, associate professor and director of the Institute of Latin American Studies.


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