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  • Photo: Orasis Foto/MÅ Torsten Persson in the Government's Corona Commission 2020-07-03 A commission has been tasked with evaluating the measures taken by the Swedish government and regions to limit the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 as well as the effects of the spread.
  • Spring Term’s online education: a challenge with development potential 2020-07-03 The Center for the Advancement of University Teaching now presents the first results of the survey where students and teachers at Stockholm University have answered questions about their experiences of switching to online education this spring.
  • Information on useful tools collected in new database 2020-07-03 A new database collects information about available decision support tools, developed to assist ecosystem-based management of the Baltic Sea. There is also information on how well the tools meet important performance criteria.
  • "Stockholm could die from the Coronavirus" 2020-07-03 New research by IIES Associate Professor Kurt Mitman on the effects of COVID-19 on society featured in Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.
  • På hyggen finns stora mängder grenar och toppar som kan användas bland annat till textilier. Foto: Mostphotos/Kennerth Kullman. Roots and branches will become clothes for healthcare professionals 2020-07-01 Residues from Swedish forestry will replace cotton in the production of clothing textile fabrics for attire worn by healthcare providers, and thus reduce the climate load.
  • One year with Stockholm Trio 2020-06-30 Just over 12 months ago, the Stockholm Trio University Alliance was launched. The University Alliance between the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm University and KTH has been extended and further developed within several areas over the course of the year. Joint representation in Brussels is a vision that is set to be realised this autumn.
  • Congratulations Agneta Norén, Teacher of the Year 2020! 2020-06-26 For the third year running, the "Teacher of the Year" award goes to the Chemistry Section! This year, the well-deserved winner is named Agneta Norén, who teaches biochemistry on the Bachelor's program in chemistry.
  • Jane Gaines Photo: Unknown Professor: "Everyone assumed that men founded the film industry" 2020-06-26 ”Friends of those heads of industries wrote those first versions of what happened. And little by little it was forgotten that women were instrumental”, said Professor Jane Gaines, Columbia University, N.Y., newly awarded with an honorary doctorate degree by Stockholm University.

News related to the coronavirus

News about research and other activities at Stockholm University related to the coronavirus.

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