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  • Where is a good place for baby parrot fish to flourish? 2018-02-19 Where is a good place for baby parrot fish to flourish – corals or seaweed banks? To find out, our DEEP scientists went snorkeling in Rio do Fogo reef in northeast Brazil with collaborators.
  • Landsat 8 OLI (Operational Land Imager) image retrieving kilometres of burned forests (magenta colour tones) spread across old-growth forests (green colour tones) in Eastern Amazonia. White colours in the image correspond to clouds. Source: U.S. Geological Survey’s Earth Explorer Platform. A different kind of fire 2018-02-16 Forest fires during drought periods rather than deforestation fires increasingly dominate Amazonian carbon emissions.
  • Carl Cederström – Forskaren som försökte optimera sig själv Carl Cederström – the researcher who tried to optimise himself 2018-02-15 How can we become better people – better-looking, smarter, healthier, and more productive? Over the course of a year, researcher Carl Cederström explored various self-improvement strategies – using himself as the subject. This short film documents what Carl put himself through during that year – in order to optimise his life.
  • Skalle från en stenåldersman med en läkt skada på ovansidan av huvudet. Foto: Fredrik Hallgren. Keep your head high – the Stone Age in a new light 2018-02-15 Stone Age society and Stone Age people’s conception of the world were more complex than previously believed. This according to new analyses of skulls found in Motala, Sweden.
  • Christina Garsten new principal at SCAS 2018-02-15 Christina Garsten, Chair of the Executive Board of Score, researcher at Score and Professor of Social Anthropology at Stockholm University has been appointed new principal at SCAS (Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study).
  • Photo: Flickr user Frugan. Fat Tuesday – time for semla! 2018-02-13 Today is Fettisdagen in Sweden, "Fat Tuesday", the day when Swedes eat semla, a traditional bun long associated with this day.
  • Thawing permafrost peatland in Tavvavuoma, northern Sweden. Data shows high levels of mercury also in these peatlands. Photo: Gustaf Hugelius. Large amounts of mercury in permafrost 2018-02-12 We had not expected levels to be so high also in the deep and ancient permafrost, says Gustaf Hugelius.
  • Lars Arvestad. Foto: Privat. More researchers need to get involved in Open Science 2018-02-09 Shared data means that several people can use the same data – and spot mistakes. It benefits everyone and changes the dynamic of research, but more researchers need to get involved.


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