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  • Photograph taken in 1938 North of Dalhart, Texas. Photo: ‘Dust bowl’ heatwaves more than twice as likely 2020-05-26 New study shows that heatwaves like the 1930s Dust Bowl in the US are more than twice as likely due to climate change.
  • Solves major problems in life’s small building blocks 2020-05-25 Xiaodong Zou is a real problem solver – she develops methods for exploring the world at the atomic level. However becoming a Professor at Stockholm University was not something she could have ever imagined as she grew up in China and saw her future destined to be a farmer.
  • The Royal National City Park 25 years 2020-05-25 25 years ago the world’s first national urban park was formed.
  • Have you used your SU email address for a private Zoom account? 2020-05-25 Have you used your student email to register for a private Zoom account? If so, you have to change to a private email address to keep following distance learning at SU.
  • Photo: Ingmarie Andersson Online teaching until 30 August 2020-05-25 The University plans to make a partial return to campus-based teaching from 31 August 2020, provided the authorities' recommendations and rules allow for this change. Detailed planning for the autumn term will be carried out by departments. A decision will be communicated to students via the department's website as soon as possible, and no later than 15 July.
  • The art of working at home 2020-05-13 Working from home can be useful for being able to focus on certain tasks, however one runs the risk that work and non-work activities will merge together.
  • Study with Emma 2020-05-13 Do you feel lonely studying alone in quarantine? Maybe you want some study company when all teaching is online? Why not spend 25 minutes of quiet study time with our master’s student Emma in this #studywithme video which was shot at Stockholm University’s Frescati Library before the pandemic.
  • LAGLOBE Students 2019-2020 A unique international master’s programme in Latin American studies 2020-05-12 The LAGLOBE Master’s programme “Latin America and Europe in a Global World” spans two continents and three universities. The students are even more diverse and the studies are strikingly interdisciplinary, creating a unique opportunity to learn and better understand the world, say three students at the programme.

News related to the coronavirus

News about research and other activities at Stockholm University related to the coronavirus.

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