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  • Mosquito. Photo: Jolanta Dabrowska / Mostphotos. Increased risk of tularemia as the climate changes 2019-10-15 A method for statistically predicting impacts of climate change on outbreaks of tularemia in humans.
  • Staff from the Nobel Prize Museum were on hand to give out Nobel medals – of the chocolate variety. Nobel Calling Stockholm: A week of science, beauty – and a highly educated guess 2019-10-15 During Nobel Week, the world's gaze turns to Stockholm. The University celebrated with lectures, live broadcasts, a competition – and a highly educated guess by Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek.
  • Baby. Photo: Mostphotos Why are birth rates in Sweden falling? 2019-10-15 Fewer and fewer children are being born in Sweden, while the average age of first-time mothers is rising.
  • Sara Danius In memory of Sara Danius 2019-10-14 The passing of our colleague Sara Danius is a loss to the cultural life of Sweden, and a great loss to the Department of Culture and Aesthetics, where Sara was professor of literature since 2013.
  • Foto: J Kelly Brito/Unsplash Workshop: Data Carpentry 2019-10-14 In collaboration with Karolinska Institute and KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm Trio), Stockholm University offers a workshop in Data Carpentry – handling of data with various software tools.
  • Read Svenska Dagbladet Online 2019-10-11 As a member of staff, researcher or student at Stockholm University, you can now read Svenska Dagbladet online wherever you are.
  • Faculty of Science announces 36 PhD positions 2019-10-15 The Faculty of Science announces 36 PhD positions.
  • Svenska flaggan som en pratbubbla. Illustration: Laurent Davoust, MostPhotos Do you really need to learn Swedish in Sweden? 2019-10-10 Swedes are good – among the best, in fact – at speaking English as a second language. So should foreigners living in Sweden make the effort to learn Swedish? Only if you want to enrich the experience in nearly every way, argue the linguistic experts at Stockholm University.


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