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  • Protein can slow intestinal tumour growth 2018-04-19 A new mechanism for regulating stem cells in the intestine of fruit flies has been discovered by researchers at Stockholm University. In addition, it was discovered that a certain protein can slow the growth of tumours in intestinal tissue. A better understanding of these mechanisms can teach us more about how diseases in human intestines occur, as well as contribute to the development of new medicine to cure them.
  • Indian students meeting Prime Minister Modi at Stockholm University 2018-04-19 The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with Indian students and residents in Sweden during his State Visit to Sweden 16-17 April. The event, organized by the Indian Embassy in Sweden, was held at Stockholm University’s Aula Magna with long lines of Indians waiting to attend the event.
  • Improve your Italian before summer 2018-04-18 You now have the opportunity to get your Italian up to speed before the summer. Benvenuti a un ciclo di incontri per sviluppare le abilità linguistiche: leggere, ascoltare, parlare e scrivere.
  • Lauren Downing Peters Photo: Unknown Stoutwear and the Discourses of Disorder 2018-04-17 In her dissertation, Lauren Downing Peters, examines how fashion media discourses created the conditions through which the fat, female body was both known and constructed within the context of the early large-size garment industry in the United States, or what between the years 1915 and 1930 was known as “stoutwear.”
  • An amazing experience – Minor Field Studies in Galapagos 2018-04-16 The Minor Field Study Buddy Programme in Galapagos is a great opportunity for alumni to assist students from Stockholm University who conduct field work within their master’s studies on the islands.
  • Wikimedia Commons Octopuses appear to fool evolution 2018-04-13 RNA-editing seems to play a part. MBW reseracher Marie Öhman explains how in the latest issue of the popular scientific magazine Forskning och Framsteg.
  • Citizen science: Which bird wants to eat which berries? 2018-04-13 Some trees are rewarding birds for their service of seed dispersal by providing fruits. Last August, PhD student Matilda Arnell and colleagues, released an app where everyone can report an observation: which bird species prefers which tree berries. General public reports will give a better picture of the whole berry season in Sweden during autumn.
  • Anu Kantola Photo: Linda Tammisto, University of Helsinki In the mood for power: Media, emotions and power 2018-04-12 Anu Kantola, Guest Professor at Stockholm University, gave a Public Lecture on April 10. The event was organized and sponsored by the Leading Research Environment and addressed the meaning of emotions in mediated performances of power and social change.


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